Thursday, 26 July 2012

Monbazillac and its Marché Nocturne

Surprisingly, I don't think there is a more convivial way to spend a couple of hours than to seat and eat amongst complete strangers. This is what happens every week in different towns and villages throughout Southern Dordogne during the summer. For those of you not familiar with the concept of Marché Nocturne, tables and benches are placed in the streets, ambulant food stalls provide fresh local food and wine, you bring your own plate, glass, knife and fork. You then chose a spot and while you decide what to drink and eat you start having a chat with your neighbours at the table. I was in Monbazillac last Sunday and shared a table with Dutch, English and French people and everyone had a great time! After a while and a couple of glasses of wine you suddenly become much more fluent in whatever language is being spoken at your table which sometimes leads to hilarious misunderstandings and dubious jokes. This is just one of the great and cheap evening out you too can experience in Southern Dordogne. So next time you're around, join us ! You'll definitely have some fun!

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