Friday, 24 June 2011

Great news for early retirees in France

The French government is doing an about turn. Early EU retirees will once again be eligible to access the “couverture maladie universelle” (CMU). The CMU is a system of health insurance cover in France set up by the French Government in 2000 to ensure that all people with permanent rights of residence in France, including people from abroad were eligible for medical insurance cover. That access had been removed in 2007. For the full story via The Connextion click here .

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bus Pass or Golf Pass?

I know which I would choose! The Dordogne Advertiser 25 May 2011 informs us that Dordogne’s seven golf courses have launched a pass scheme offering members a discount on all their courses. The idea behind this initiative is to encourage golfers to discover areas of the Dordogne they may not know. The pass is valid two months and you can play a maximum of two rounds at each participating course. So for those of you who are living in the beautiful Dordogne and love golf why not take advantage of this. For more info visit .

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bergerac - Le Plus Grand Boeuf du Monde 2011

You would be forgiven to think that the world’s largest cow will be parading in the streets of Bergerac in Southern Dordogne. Mais non! It is a giant flashmob music trying to bring together a maximum number of singers and musicians to interpret with their musical instruments or voice the same song at the same time in different French towns. This year the event will take place on 21st June at 8 pm. It is the 30th edition of the Music Festival in France this year and to celebrate this fact “Le Plus Grand Boeuf du Monde” has chosen to honour the famous French poet and singer George Brassens with a rendition of “Copains d’abord”.

If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Southern Dordogne and more particularly in Bergerac you can participate by going to or just turn up. See you there! If you want to live in the Dordogne but don’t know where to start visit my website at: