Sunday, 16 October 2011

Are estate agents really your friends?

I am a property finder, otherwise known as a buyer’s agent. My professional purpose and only aim is to represent clients from around the world in finding and buying French properties - especially gîtes, châteaux, vineyards, restored farmhouses, villas with pools in the beautiful Southern Dordogne and Northern Lot et Garonne areas of France - at the best possible price. I live in that region and wish to share it with all of you out there, who enjoy and want to live an uncomplicated and healthier life style in the sun.

I strongly believe that it is now time for homebuyers to attain the same level of representation that property sellers have benefited from for years. American, Australian and Canadian buyers are already converted. It is part of the process in those countries to use a buyer’s agent. After all, you are likely to use professionals to sell your property and deal with your conveyancing, so why not get the experts on your side in searching for and buying property as well.

In the last few years, purchasers have been led to believe that the many estate agents who now offer a property finding service are on their side. Now, there is no doubt that they will be very nice and helpful to them to some extent, but at the end of the day, buyers should not forget that estate agents work for the seller, not them, and are ethically and contractually obliged to represent their seller’s best interests and to get the maximum price for their property! 

I think all would be purchasers using this free service should ask themselves - who pays the selling agents fees? If it is not them, then they represent the best interests of someone else, not theirs. They can also be sure that not only will they not get objective advice about the property that they are buying nor will they see a truly representative selection of the properties for sale in the area. After all, estate agents certainly won’t show you any of the houses being sold privately in the area!

People who want an expert and professional adviser on their side employ buyer’s agents. We only work for the buyer and our only aim is to ensure our clients get to see only the properties meeting their needs and requirements, at the best possible price. A personalised property finding service covers all aspect of a home buying process – from finding the right property (searching the whole market, including private sales and notaires’ listings) using local knowledge and language skills, to negotiating the best possible price.

I do sometimes get enquiries from purchasers who once they realise that my service is not free just walk away, and yet for less than half of an estate agent’s commission they could get a personalised and unbiased dedicated property professional on their side, that would help them enjoy the whole experience of purchasing their dream home. I wish I could convince them that this service, will save them time and money and the stressful experience of spending the next year or so of their lives flying back and forth using their precious holidays to visit properties seen on the internet that will turn out to be completely wrong for them.

I wish I could convince them!  But then again perhaps I just have .........

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